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Training of individual employees or groups on selected
or groups on selected digital marketing topics.
Hire employees
Set annual targets
We train employees specifically and hands-on on the customer account. In this way, competences and processes are created step by step that are useful in the company and also remain in the company. Know-how in the company helps both in building in-house resources and in effective and informed agency management.
In our workshops, we go through the prerequisites and goals of your company and define the next steps. The result is an optimal orientation and overview of the status quo, goals and possibilities to achieve them.
Hire employees
We know what matters in daily business. We talk to your potential employees and create a precise profile that allows you to better assess their skills. In this way, you decide on the candidate with the right know-how.
Set annual targets
We help with smart goal setting for the annual review by discussing development and business goals with both HR and employees. With our experience from daily business, we find the middle ground between realistic and challenging.
The steps to your success:
Fixed training plan
In clearly timed training phases, we build up competence in your company that is operationally valuable right from the start.
On call
With staggered sessions, we ensure that what has been learned remains retrievable.
Thematically, we focus on your needs and also offer tried-and-tested coaching packages that create optimal foundations.
Targeted exam preparation
We prepare for set goals and exams for certificates in a didactically sound way and also offer preparation for certifications and platforms such as Google.
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The ProjX team is a colourful mix of experts and old hands from different corners of the digital industry. If there's one thing we've learned over time, it's that quality in digital marketing can't just be bought in. In the medium to long term, the sustainable development of competence within the company ensures significantly greater success than actionism and knee-jerk actions. We see modern agency work first and foremost as cooperation with our clients and their goals.

Partnership at eye level is not just an empty phrase for us, and building up competence in the companies we work with has always been a matter close to our hearts.
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